Viva la Antarctica! UAZ Patriot arrives in new limited edition

Viva la Antarctica! UAZ Patriot arrives in new limited edition

UAZ does not bend too much with major upgrades, for which it regularly introduces various limited editions. The latest one is the flagship off-road Patriot, which in Antarctic version celebrates the anniversary of the conquest of the Southern Polar Region. What does the car offer and how much does it cost? Read on, we've got a few interesting things about nobody's icy land.

Russian UAZ is not a regular representative of new and new models but does not forget to issue limited editions. After the expedition Buchanka, we have UAZ Patriot, celebrating the 200-year anniversary of the discovery of no-one's southern ice land.



The factory has so far officially released only a few real images of the model.

In January 1820, members of the expedition led by Faddej Faddejevi Bellingshausenem and Mikhail Lazarevem found themselves on the border of Antarctica. For the Russians, it was a great discovery and the opportunity to partly map a mysterious and cool white continent.



At the back you will find a ladder and a limited edition emblem

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the frozen mainland, UAZ introduced a special series called Patriot Antarctic Edition. The car shares the powertrain with standard models, so expect a 2.7-liter 150 hp four-cylinder petrol engine under the bonnet and a five-speed manual with electromechanical reduction. Attachable front axle drive is also included.


The SUV body, dressed in white metallic, is complemented by black steel wheels with 225/75 R16 tires. The model can also be identified by the expedition carrier and ladder on the fifth door, mounted during series production. In addition, the car boasts front fog lamps and Antarctic edition plaques on the driver's door and spare wheel cover.


The car features white metallic and black wheels

UAZ Patriot Antarctic Edition is based on the Optimum mid-range, but also offers a heated steering wheel, windscreen and front seats, equipped with waterproof textile upholstery. Air conditioning, cruise control or auxiliary heater for rear passengers will come in handy for daily use.


Not only in the graphic form the car looks like a typical orthodox off-road.

Optionally, the vehicle can be purchased with an independent engine preheater with parking heater function, a multimedia system with navigation, rear differential lock, parking sensors or a built-in winch and steering rod protection.

The orthodox off-road will be sold for about a month, so hurry, because it will only be 200 pieces.