Sexy beauty returns to training!

Blond angel, blonde fit girl, the sexiest racer in the world, who set her fans on fire with imagination.

Sexy beauty returns to training!

The German runner returns to training after a month of individual training enforced by restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. The young German racer Alica Schmidt boasted of this feat on social networks and the fans immediately included her in compliments and flattery.

The 21-year-old female runner, who specializes in running for 400 meters, was preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, they were postponed one year due to the mentioned pandemic, and sporting events around the world stopped. Enthusiastic fans are so eagerly devouring any news that confirms the improvement of the situation. Germany loosened the strict measures on the covid-19 & Schmidt can fully return to training and immediately bragg to the fans.



The beautiful German woman scored on the athletics track a few years ago, when in 2017 she took silver in the 4x400 meters relay at the European Under-20 Championships. She won bronze on the same track at the European Under-23 Championship. More than 718,000 followers on Instagram testify to Schmidt's popularity. Fans love photos of beautiful girls. The Australian magazine 'Busted Coverage' then described the young racer as "the sexiest athlete in the world".


Every young lady will certainly warm her heart when she enjoys such fan favor. However, Schmidt was embarrassed by the award. "I don't know why I got this title. Sport is my number one priority, "she pointed out." There are thousands of girls on Instagram who look good and don't have that many fans, "she added.

The young racer is now happy to be able to return to training. "Finally. Last month I did everything alone or in pairs. Now I'm happy to start training at the stadium as usual, even though nature wasn't so bad for training, "she confided in the caption to her photo.

And the fans are excited that their star is finally in a good mood. "A perfect blonde angel," said one of them. "The sexiest girl on the planet," another added. Satisfaction thus clearly prevailed on both sides at the time.