Ronaldo vs Messi - who is better?

Ronaldo vs Messi - who is better?

In world football the Debate has been Who is the Real greatest of all time cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Lionel messi has 6 ballon d´ors whilst ronaldo has five.

What really made this rivalry catch fire was their incredible, unprecedented goalscoring rates, with both Messi and Ronaldo averaging more than one goal every game at their peaks. 


 Throughout his career, Messi was the leader. Messi averaged 0.80 points per game, while Ronaldo averaged 0.73 points per game. If we refine our goals every minute, it is a similar story. Messi scores every 101 minutes and Ronaldo scores every 111 minutes.

Although Ronaldo still has more career goals than Messi (Ronaldo has 763 career goals and Messi has 725 career goals), Ronaldo has played 145 more games in his career than Messi.

Here is a video how they faced against each other. we have to confirm it was a hot rivalry which is slowing coming to its end.


Compared with Ronaldo's 223 assists in 1,047 games, Messi has an impressive 304 assists in 902 professional games.