Barcelona about to cut player wages up to 70% during Covid-19 lockdown

Barcelona about to cut player wages up to 70% during Covid-19 lockdown

Barcelona are considering a pay cut up to 70% for all players for as long as the lockdown lasts in Spain. The players are understood to be receptive to the salary cut but no agreement has been reached.

The intention is to apply equally to the men’s and women’s football teams too, as well as to those who play basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey. Staff working with those teams would not be excluded.

Now Barcelona is the only La Liga member who admit they are looking at ways to alleviate the economic impact caused by virus, although the league announced it would support its members in any measures.

Spanish Labour legislation allows companies to apply temporary measures to lay off staff or reduce wages in exceptional circumstances. Barcelona in this case would prefer to reach a negotiated settlement as none-football staff departments are resigned to the probability they will be affected.

A part of that the TV company that owns the rights to La Liga in Spain has announced they are forced to apply temporary measures to more than 1,000 staff.

Barcelona’s economic situation is precarious and there are concerns the club may won´t able to meet some payments if the season is not completed. From the annual budget of €1.047bn (£970m), 66% was spent on wages last season.

Spain’s state of alarm was announced on 11th of March and will continue until at least 11th of April as per latest news.