Plan for Russia's readmittance to World Athletics approved

Plan for Russia's readmittance to World Athletics approved

After the sport’s international governing body approved the reform plan, Russia was suspended for lifting doping violations.

The 31-page plan was described as the “last chance and urgent attempt” for Russia to make changes after the suspension of power in 2015.

Many reform deadlines have been set for the coming year, including targets for broader drug testing.

Lord Coe, chairman of the world athletics, called it a "road map to rebuild trust."

The date for Russia to rejoin the world track and field competition has not yet been determined, but a detailed timetable regarding the sport’s governance, funding, anti-doping system and athlete education has been drawn up and will be monitored.

Among the required changes include the introduction of policies to encourage reporting, measures to "punish those areas that resist changes," and increasing athletes' investment in the country's sports styles.

The report stated that Rusaf believed that its goals could be achieved, but at the same time pointed out that "it takes a generation to irreversibly change a culture."

World Athletics also stated that it will consider whether Russian athletes who are clean Russian athletes can participate in this year's Tokyo Olympics at the council meeting to be held from March 17th to 18th.