Pep Guardiola says his side

Pep Guardiola says his side

Guardiola's team-the favorite to win the first Champions League title this season-is great for their nearly 16 gentle opposition in Budapest, perhaps Bernardo Silva (Bernardo Silva) ) And Gabriel Jesus (Gabriel Jesus) also had a good lead in their first leg.

Guardiola told "BT Sport": "In general, we control the game. Unfortunately, we are not clinically advanced enough."

"This is what we must improve in the game. First, we must improve the clinical level. In this game, you must be perfect to ensure you pass the game."

Silva started scoring from a brilliant cross by Joao Cancelo, and the two players came together to establish second place for Jesus.

Gladbach is the first time in 43 years that he has appeared at this stage of the game. He didn't have any answers. When the two sides met in Manchester on March 16, something similar to a sports miracle was needed to reverse the tie.


The Bayern Munich ticket holders may have something to say about Manchester City becoming the favorite of this year's competition-but their German compatriots have become speechless in Hungary.

There is no doubt that Gladbach was banned from playing at home due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, and he hardly put on gloves. They sometimes struggle to get out of their punishment zone and don't mind entering the city because of the relentless pressure from tourists.

In this season's Champions League group stage, only Bayern (18) scored more goals than Gladbach (16), but Manchester City's monopoly on the ball gave goalkeeper Edson the only save head in stoppage time.

In the first round of winning the Champions League, Manchester City made progress from the previous four Champions League two-round knockout rounds.
Gabriel Jesus has scored goals in all five Champions League appearances for Manchester City in the past 16 years. This is his goal in each of the past four seasons.
Since Manchester United in the 2010-11 season, Manchester City is the first team to keep clear in the first four Champions League games.
Manchester City's Phil Foden made his fourth appearance before entering the knockout stage of the Champions League, and then he was 21 years old, second only to Fabregas (2004-05-2007-08) and Theo Waugh Alcott (2006-07-2009-10), they both played for Arsenal.