People want to know what I have between my legs! Swedish representative openly about turning into a man

Athletes end their career early for health reasons. Swedish handball player Louise Sand has given up her because of a gender change. Now as a 27-year-old Loui Sand openly spoke about his life, which he also wanted to quit.

People want to know what I have between my legs! Swedish representative openly about turning into a man

Swedish representative Louise Sand spoke openly about her transformation into a man.

Dark, adopted, lesbian, transsexual. Sand's destiny did not give her good cards. Being born in a bad body is traumatic, frustrating. For this reason, she decided to slash with a successful career (world champion players under 20 years, bronze at the European Championship 2015, participation in the 2016 Olympics).


Švédská reprezentantka Louise Sandová otevřeně promluvila o své proměně v muže. Na snímku z ME 2018 ještě jako žena..

“I feel incredibly wrong and I know why. "I was born in a bad body," said Sand, shocked by a public statement a few months ago when she was engaged in Fleury, France. Afterwards she announced she finish.


Former handball player Louise Sand in the Swedish national team jersey.

A native of Sri Lanka, adopted at a young age by a Swedish couple from Gothenburg, was then subjected to the first operation. Three months later she started hormone therapy. Along with her girlfriend, Swedish football player Emma Berglund, with whom she has been living since autumn 2018.

“I wouldn't be surprised if she left me. Our relationship then underwent severe tests in a short time. It is great that he has endured, ". Sand launched a series of lectures before the coronavirus pandemic revealing the feeling he has before and on going with the transformation.

“I am proud of what I have achieved. But sometimes I worry. I learn to live and deal with it, ”says Sand, who was almost driven to suicide by depressions from life in the body of the opposite sex. During discussions they often face unpleasant questions, the curiosity of the audience is enormous.




“The worst and best question at the same time is probably when people want to know what I have between my legs. I understand their curiosity, but at the same time I hate this question, "admits Sand, saying he is only halfway. But he likes his body more and more.

He has the joy of life again, which is why he returned to handball. He has been training for several weeks in Swedish IK Sävehof, where he started with an adult handball player at the age of 19 as Louise Sand.