NHL most Unexpected moments!

NHL most Unexpected moments!

The NHL has produced some of the best and most dramatic moments in sports history packed with action goals hits misses and wonder moments there is not a better sport for a person who loves fast paced dramatic sport.

The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy played in NHL.com competed for in North American professional sports.

 Unlike baseball or basketball, the origins of ice hockey are murky, at best. While some say a version of the game was played by the French and Irish as far back as the 1700s, others claim it was invented in the mid-1800s when Canadians with homemade sticks would skate on frozen ponds in Ontario.  

we have a video for of the Most Unexpected moments in NHL history.


Wayne Gretzky holds 61 NHL records, the most by far of any player

who is your favourite player in NHl of All time?