Mbappé worth? 177milion

A KPMG study set the conditions for the post-pandemic scenario, which was awarded to Madrid’s most valuable club.

Mbappé worth? 177milion

If they want to sign with Mbappe this summer, Real Madrid’s valuation on the Bernabeu’s office table is very close to Mbappe’s actual cost. The study was written by the auditor of KPMG, the head of the department, and the author of the report released a few hours ago. The report made Madrid proud to be the most valuable club in the world (for the second consecutive year), Manchester United, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The economic crisis caused by coronavirus has caused serious damage to football finances, and the value of players has been greatly affected. In this KPMG study, we calculated how much. To this end, a detailed analysis of the 4,183 players in the 10 most important leagues using European patents has been conducted. The auditor proposes two options: if the champion is not restored, the football player will lose 26.5% of its value; if the league is not restored publicly, the football player will lose 17.7% of its value. Mbappé, in the first group.

KPMG (KMPG) brought a market value of $177 million for Mbappe. The French league will not resume. In any case, the devaluation of French stars is not less than 26.5% of the average, because the stars and young players are more resistant to the coronavirus tsunami. Either way, before the pandemic began in February this year. KPMG's value to Mbappé is 225 million euros. The number of layoffs is considerable, about 50 million euros, but in the summer of 2021, when there is only one contract period, the number of layoffs will be greater.

In Madrid’s roadmap for signing the Frenchman, he will not move until the summer of 2021. However, Mbappe is now at a critical moment in his career, PSG is trying to renew the agreement, and the future economic uncertainty is great. The newspaper reported that in the last dialogue between the Paris Club and the players, the possibility of contract renewal through the proMadrid clause was proposed. But this will be very unfavorable for Florentino's plan, because signing Mbappe will be more expensive. Either way, if the transaction is to take place this summer, then every Mbappé $177 million seems to be a good deal.

In the table describing the text, you can see the factors that have changed the market for the 20 most valuable players in the world. If there were 15 players worth more than 100 million euros before the crisis, then in the case of option 1 (no longer playing), there are only 8 left, and in the case of option 2 (playing behind closed doors), there are only 11 Madrid The danger is only among the top 20 most valuable players.