Massa spoke critically about Schumacher's past

Former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa spent one season as a second in Ferrari team to cover the back of German record holder Michael Schumacher.

Massa spoke critically about Schumacher's past

In a recent interview with a motorsport server, a Brazilian rider talked about how his former colleague had behaved in private. "He was a introver man, an untouchable German," says Massa, adding a story from a time when they were both at the peak of their careers.

The native of Sao Paulo was chosen by Ferrari for the 2006 season to be second in the then of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher, where for him, it was the last season in a monopost with a black stallion in the emblem.

In a recent interview with Motorsport-Total, Massa made it clear that Schumacher was annoying with how reserved he was with his fans. "When I was a little boy, he refused to give me an autograph on the legendary Senna. It took me a long time to deal with that moment, and when I started racing in Formula 1 myself, it was because of my childhood experience that I could never say no to my fans. Schumacher was different in this respect, "said the smiling Brazilian.



"Schumacher and I once had dinner in Barcelona with team boss Jean Todt and his son. When we left the restaurant, Michael got in the car and the whole city was fighting for his autograph. Many people stood around the car, but he pretended not to see it. He also overlooked the little boy who was knocking longingly at the window, "Massa continued the story.



"What turned me on was the situation with the boy. I thought it was impossible that he would not open it. I knocked on his shoulder and said, 'Michael, for God's sake, at least for the little boy, open it. Please do it. ' Then he did, he gave the boy an autograph and about ten other people and we drove. He had no emotions at all, "added the 2008 world vice - champion.

Motorsport icon Michael Schumacher has been bedridden since 2013 after suffering a serious head injury while skiing in the French Alps. Since then, the family has strictly guarded information about his health. Most recently, there was talk of experimental stem cell therapy and a unique planned operation to regenerate the entire Schumacher nervous system.