Maria-Sokka twerks out of this world

Maria-Sokka twerks out of this world

Tia-Maria Sokka was born in Tampere, southern Finland. Unexpectedly, she won the 2014 Twerk Helsinki competition and the 2015 first Twerk Finland Championship. She has a great reputation on social media, and the YouTube video of her Twerk in her studio received more than 37 million views in a year. The total number of recent views on her YouTube account has exceeded 100 million.

Tia-Maria’s stage name is Tinze. She is the most significant Finnish influencer in dance and sports, and she is also the first twerk professional in Finland; she has been a choreographer for many top Finnish artists recently. As of November 2019, Tinze has 250,000 Instagram followers, indicating that she is also well-known in international twerk circles outside of Finland.

Tinze Twerk studio is her project, which is also the first twerk studio in Finland. It has now been open for more than two years.

Twerking is to feel comfortable with your body Twerking is becoming more and more mainstream in Finland and is no longer a taboo. Women are more confident when they twitch. Nowadays, almost all dance schools in Finland offer one-man opera classes. Tinze said: "I am myself when dancing." She went on to explain how this style of dancing has helped many students: "It took them a few months to start wearing shorts in dance classes. It can really boost your self-esteem." Tinze wants to understand the unique style of dancers and how they use it. She also added that people who wriggle in Finland usually perform in dance classes and studios, rather than in parties or clubs.

Previously, Tinze used to do social counseling work and make sure that people could count on her. Some of her students told her that they had low self-esteem, others have been bullied. When they gather in their studio, they can feel they have a family there. Tinze is very happy with how she is helping people overcome their fears. She is also happy that her parents fully support her in her endeavors.

I want the whole Finland to twerk. I want the whole Europe to twerkI want everyone to know what is twerking. In the gym you don’t make friends easily. But when you come here, people can be relaxed and make new friends.

The story behind the production Sami Vepsäläinen, Vita Pictura's long-term partner in Finland, met with Georgius Misjura, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Vita Pictura, and said that he would hold this last churning event in Finland. Georgius thought it would be interesting to make a documentary because he could not find a documentary about the Truvi movement. Karolina Lahti, a member of the Vita Pictura team from Finland, interviewed Tinze and put forward his own ideas on the documentary project: "Finland definitely needs a lady like Tinze. This is my first interview in Finland. I am very happy to be with Tinze because this is also her first interview in English. Before starting this project, I twisted Twisting is not well understood, it actually allows our body to do something freely."

The production team shot two documentaries in two consecutive days. The main story focuses on Tinze, and the other story focuses on Sak Noel. You may see them in the documentary of our PRO TWERK tour of Finland on May 25, 2019. The co-director of the documentary, Anastasia Zazhitskaya, helped the team prepare for production and shoot on site. She shared with us her thoughts on making.