Marat Safin on the coronavirus: "Everything was ready for the implantation of chips and Bill Gates knew it"

Former tennis number 1, Russian Marat Safin, has entered the coronavirus conspiracy theory, stating that the "situation was prepared" and that what is currently happening in the world has only one objective: to vaccinate people with microchips.

Marat Safin on the coronavirus:

In a conversation on the Instragram social network with sports daily, Safin said he is "preparing" people "for chip implantation." "In 2015, Bill Gates said that we will have an epidemic, then a pandemic and that our next enemy was a virus, not a nuclear war," said the former tennis player, known for his interest in esotericism in recent years, according to the sports journal.


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Bill Gates predicted a pandemic like that of Covid-19 ... 5 years ago! Safin, who is in Russia after being in Spain when the state of alarm was introduced, said he does not believe Gates is a "fortune teller."

"He just knew it and everyone was getting ready," said Safin, assuring that at the World Economic Forum in Davos "simulations were carried out two weeks before the virus was known in the world." "So why does 5G start? Then nanochips will be introduced. Everything goes to that. Look at what's happening around you. People are panicking, everything is as it should be," added Safin. He indicated that he is not saying "nothing new", because "everything is on the internet", revealing where he gets this conspiracy theory.


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The Bill Gates Foundation will donate € 145 million to the WHO.

The Russian also assures that information is being hidden from the citizens: "I think that not everything is as it is said, it is a prepared situation. But people believe everything, in the horror stories on television (...)".

Safin believes that civilization is not going to end, but simply "we will soon go with the chip" implanted.

When asked if he believes that all the leaders conspired, also the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump, as well as the German chancellor Angela Merkel, the former number 1 of tennis hinted that there are shadow powers.

"I think there are more powerful men than all these leaders ... The guys who really manage money are owners of the world" who can change things in whatever way they want, he said.

Asked if these men are a "shadow government," Safin said, "Call it what you want." "Who are they, the Rothschilds, bankers?" The newspaper asked the ex-tennis, to which he replied that they are more powerful people behind that "we do not even know they exist."