Cristiano Ronaldo: “The Spanish have treated me well. I want to give us working places, in the margins of my problems with Hacienda

It's a person with more followers on Instagram (163 million). He sum 28 galardons between home leagues, champions, Eurocopas, supercopas and golden balloons.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “The Spanish have treated me well. I want to give us working places, in the margins of my problems with Hacienda

For his fans, the best player of the world. For haters, the second best player of the world. With a competitive character and an autoexperience that makes it necessary to share football as an individual sport, Cristiano Ronaldo (Funchal, 1985) is one of the most imitated figures and the polarizers of the planet.


We will be reunited in the headquarters of the Clínica Insparya in Madrid, a new business adventure of Portuguese, it is the leader of the universe of hair implants. "They hate me because I am handsome and rich," he said once leaving the rival camp. Some people love him, some hate him.


This 25-year-old girl born in Buenos Aires is the administrator of the clinic and throughout this presentation day she will have a role that goes beyond that of a girlfriend or companion. She is an integral part of the project. The interview ends, which, like mine, has been previously agreed and as will happen with mine, it has also had its little shock. In these worlds so large and so cordoned off, it is tried to leave the minimum to chance, but in most cases, there is a certain unspoken pact that allows small script exits. Today the last said will not happen. Going back to review old interviews with CR7 days later I fall into a somewhat curious fact. All of them respond to the same pattern: they contain only one phrase that serves as the headline. Very good headline. But only one. The rest, you know, 11 against 11.


What is more complicated? Choose club or choose business?

I think it is easier to choose a business than to choose a club. Although in a club you play with many things and you must think a lot, a lot and a lot, a business ends up being something that you do not control 100%.


Who do you trust when deciding where to invest?

Basically, to choose a business I trust the same as when choosing a club: my family, my closest friends. My children still can't give an opinion [the twins are two years old in June and the youngest one a year and a half], although, well, the Cris [Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., his oldest son, eight years old] already gives some opinion, but he is very young. In the end it is the team that you have formed through the years, and not only for football, but also for the business world.


Why a business like this?

The capillary is a real problem. This is to help people's self-esteem. A lady before said to me: "But you don't have a lack of hair." Not me now, but one day may happen. Genetically, in my family no one has these problems, but you know that everything changes. Stress, poor diet ... In aesthetics you must take a step forward


Are you not tired of having to demonstrate something all the time to everyone?

I am not going to deny you that sometimes it bothers me and tires me because it seems that every year you must prove that you are very good. It is hard. You have what you have for having that added pressure of having to prove something to people, not just yourself. Also, to the people who are around. Your family, your mother, your son ... "Cris, you have to win tomorrow." That makes you more active. You always must train, but there comes a time when you say: "Look, let me ...".



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