Cristiano Ronaldo: “The Spanish have treated me well. I want to give us working places, in the margins of my problems with Hacienda

Cristiano Ronaldo: “The Spanish have treated me well. I want to give us working places, in the margins of my problems with Hacienda

Do you still enjoy soccer?

I see football as a mission: to go to the field, to win, to become better. Those moments when I went to the field thinking "I'm going to dribble!" ... I'm honest with you: I don't have those moments anymore. There is additional pressure. People are always judging: “It is finished already. He is 33, 34 or 35 years old, he should already quit. ” And you want to surprise people: here is the bug.


Do you think that some have come to think that you have become a kind of robot?

I don't think they think I'm a robot, but they do see me as a person who can never have a problem, can never be sad, can never have worries. People identify not having problems, success, with money. How can you be sad or have a Christian slump if you have millions? You must understand that people do not think like you, they have not lived certain moments, they do not have a greater culture than they are allowed. But I understand it. I know that people are with a shotgun waiting for Cris to miss a penalty, or to fail in a crucial game. But it is part of life and I must be prepared. I have been prepared for many years.

At what point do you remember getting used to all this that you tell me?

I do not know when I got used to this, but it is true that I felt pressure from a very young age. When I came to Madrid, I was the most expensive player in history. In Manchester, after winning my first Balloon d'Or at 23, people were already thinking, "Look, this one has to be on top." In the last ten, twelve years, I've always had that added pressure. Cristiano poses exclusively for ICON with CR7 shirt.


What is the first thing you do when you arrive at a new club?

The first thing I do is be me, not be more. My work ethic is always the same. If a business owner comes along and starts racking up everyone, people won't see him as a leader. He will say, "This is my boss, but he doesn't treat me well." You must be humble, learn that you don't know everything. If you are smart, you catch things that make you improve as an athlete. At Juve I adapted perfectly. They saw that I am not a smoke dealer. He is a Christian and he is what he is because he takes care of himself. It is one thing to speak and another to do. Why did I win five gold balls and five champions?


After leaving Real Madrid, weren't you tempted to open this business elsewhere?

My family is from here, they were born here, I have been nine years in the city. Many moments that I have lived here cannot be extinguished. I went to Juve and if I wanted to say, "Look, we're going to open the clinic in another city." But no. I continued with what we proposed because Madrid has given me a lot, how can I forget it?


In spite of everything?

Sure. The Spanish treated me well. I wanted to give them some jobs, regardless of having the problems I have had with the Treasury, because I cannot forget or hide that, my life is an open book. I go with my head up, I know that people love me, they know that I have given a lot to the club and this has also given me a lot. On the street they tell me: "Cris, come home, this house is always yours." I like to hear that.


Who is most affected by the controversies surrounding your private life? You or your environment?

I would like to be the shield and solve all my problems myself. You know, being one of the most media people in the world, it's not easy to hide things. There are people who like Cristiano and people who don't. The higher you are, the more they want to knock you down. As I always say, in my professional life nothing happens to criticize me, it is my job. But my personal life is more intimate, I have a girlfriend, children, mother, brothers, friends. I can't go home when something happens and cry. If a problem comes, we will try to find a solution. There is only no solution for death.


Do you think you have ever been too sincere?

Ever did. But, look, if I have everything I have and I earn what I earn, I will be doing something right. I'm the guy with the most followers in the world. Why? People still identify with me, or I give more spark, you know? It is so.


The same is the one that has the most because he is one of those who most enjoys fame.

It comes out, it is natural.


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