BREAKING: The animal stuck claws out. Will Tyson, a former phenomenon with a killer instinct, return to the ring?

Many athletes are puzzled about how to attract fans. Mike Tyson is the one who has not had this problem.

BREAKING: The animal stuck claws out. Will Tyson, a former phenomenon with a killer instinct, return to the ring?

A retired boxer who sent a video to the world a few days ago. He delivered six strikes in three seconds. Nothing more, yet the 53-year-old former champion shocked the world. A moment in a person's life, you will not achieve almost anything during this time, but the Brooklyn native, with this short sequence, revived the question - will he return to the ring?

Tyson is a phenomenon in the history of boxing, which was at the top, but it also sat at the bottom. "I'm a bad boy for life," he wrote of the Instagram video.

"I saw the video, and it's just a stone. Mike Tyson is just an unreal bomber. He will definitely appear in the ring and I'm really looking forward to it myself. It's clear it won't be Mike twenty years ago, but he'll get into it in my old age. He knows best how good he is, so I believe he knows what he's doing. From the video I saw, I'd say great. For him, it's not like the set-up porridge, it's just Mike Tyson, and even if he loses, he will basically be the winner, "


If Tyson decides to really return to the ring, he will have no shortage of offers. Basically, these are easy numbers. He has successes, name and fans still enjoy. So where will he show up in the end?

Mike is such a huge boxing icon that only his participation in events without boxing is in itself a huge promotion of boxing. So if he goes into the ring for a real match, the whole world will be in anticipation.


His last video I saw looked very dangerous. Even though he doesn't have an ideal figure, he still has power, he hasn't forgotten anything. His return would help boxing, everyone would like to see it. But it really depends on who he goes with. Even if he went to an exhibition, it's not like tennis, he can go wrong in boxing and it can become a regular match


Even at his age, it is realistic to prepare for a return to the ring. Unfortunately, not at the top level. The video showed excellent dynamics and strength. However, I do not believe that he could handle several rounds. If it works well in terms of marketing, it will definitely help the popularity of boxing. I just hope the project manager doesn't overestimate his strength. It's about health.

There was even a hint in the media that Tyson could start measuring his strengths with Deontay Wilder, the current world leader. He is still boxing, thinking of world belts, Tyson has not had a match for fifteen years. Wilder has lost more than forty in twelve years and has only lost once.

After so many years, going back against the man at the top would be, in my view, murder. At the peak of his career, he would wipe his ass with him, but after such a long time when he didn't train? I don't want to compare myself to him, but I'm still training, the return wouldn't be so difficult, the Klitschs are in a similar situation, but Tyson more or less just ate and did charity for the last few years. Even if he has been training, working, pairing for half a year, there is a huge drop in contact, but I must be wrong,